Enterprise Capital Funds

Enterprise Capital Funds combine private and public money to make equity investments in high growth businesses. The ECF programme aims to increase the supply of equity to UK growth companies and to lower the barriers to entry for fund managers looking to operate in the VC market.

The British Business Bank invests alongside venture capital funds on terms that improve the outcome for private investors when those funds are successful.

We do this to encourage venture capital funds to operate in a part of the market where smaller businesses are not able to access the growth capital they need.

Enterprise Capital Funds are managed by experienced fund managers from a variety of backgrounds – including teams from the venture capital industry as well as serial entrepreneurs with a history of success in building early stage UK companies.

We operate a rolling investment programme for commitments to new Enterprise Capital Funds.

Our ECF guidance and Draft Partnership Agreement help applicants to understand more about the British Business Bank investment process and whether or not their plans fit with the programme.

Download the ECF Guidance

Download the Draft Partnership Agreement

If you are a business looking for equity investment, please note that this programme is about helping to establish funds.

If you are looking for equity funding, you will need to approach the funds’ managers directly through our scale up pages accessible through the homepage.

We held seminars for prospective fund managers in February 2016. You can download the presentation below.

Download the ECF Seminar Presentation, February 2016

Read more about Sussex Place Ventures’ experience of working with us a partner in the Enterprise Capital Funds programme.

There is over £870m investment capacity in funds supported by our Enterprise Capital Funds programme.

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